About Bergaliv

When Staffan Michelson some years ago was looking to buy some woodland in his ancestors´ Hälsingland, he didn´t know that the forest to capture his soul was thriving on a mountain close to Ljusnan River.
The former ski slope was covered by a tender birch grove. With a view for miles of the Ljusnan River Valley, a feeling appeared that this was something more than just an estate fo forestry. This was a place where the closeness of the mountain forest worked in perfect balance with the cool tranquility of the wide open spaces.
We called it Bergaliv.


Check in: Orbaden Spa & Resort, Gamla Orbadenvägen 86, Vallsta

Postal Address: Bergaliv AB, Stagårdsvägen 73, 821 40 Bollnäs

Phone: +46 70 7263600

E-mail: info@bergaliv.se