Our Environmental Work

Bergaliv´s basic purpose, explicitly declared in the company´s articles of association, is to promote a sustainable development and conduce to a healthy and good environment, characterized by social, cultural, and ecological well-being among contemporary and future generations.

The loft houses on the Åsberget Mountain in Hälsingland, Sweden, manifest our basic ideology. Building materials are heartwood from the province´s pine and spruce forests, with flax fibre for insulation, and birch for the interiors. The houses are built with a diffusion-open construction excluding all plastics, biocides or other synthetic materials that could be risky for the indoor climate or the environment. In brief: the houses breath fresh air. In each house there is an electric incineration toilet leaving no other waste than nutritious ashes, a perfect fertilizer for cultivations nearby. With the business as a source of energy, Bergaliv also participates in local cooperation and initiatives with potential to promote a considerate interplay between man and nature, and to support development of the district as a centre for quality of life during all seasons of the year.

Bergaliv´s loft houses demonstrate the idea of plain luxury in natural cycles. The houses are drawn and built with deep deference to the living impetus that formed this landscape, its fields, barns, houses, the river, the roads, man, wildlife, the mountains, and the forests. Up here, we want our guests to fall asleep and wake up embedded with the feeling of participation in nature and landscape, thus recalling the sense of coherence in life on earth.