About your stay

The way to Bergaliv

You get to Bergaliv via Orbaden Spa & Resort (the Spa Hotel), Gamla Orbadenvägen 86, Vallsta. You can arrive at Orbaden by car or you can go to Vallsta by Train or Bus and walk from Vallsta to Orbaden.  If you let us know a couple of days in advance, we can arrange a transfer from the bus stop or the railway station.

Checking in and out

The house is at your disposal from 3 PM at the day of arrival, until the checking out day by 11.00 AM. You check in at the Spa Hotel where you will get the key and a map with directions for hiking or driving up the Åsberget Mountain. The formalities for checking in can be performed when convenient for you during the day.  Provided your health and fitness admit, we recommend hiking to the Loft House (1–1½ hour). For that purpose, equip yourself with good shoes or boots. When arriving at the house, you can change to smooth slippers that you will find in there. Take the opportunity to calm down and let your condition and the weather decide the time schedule for your walk. If you prefer to go by car, you can drive on a gravelled road, park and walk the last 600 meters to the house. In winter, however, depending on weather conditions with snow, we cannot guarantee the road to be fit for driving. Under such conditions, there are snow shoes available at the reception in the Spa Hotel.

Would you like a guided tour or transfer up to the top of the mountain and the Loft House? Contact us at least three days in advance and we will book your personal guide equipped with an ATV, snowmobile or simply good shoes!

Your stay in the Loft House

In the house you will find fruit, coffee and tea when you arrive, and the refrigerator is filled with your breakfast for next morning. The house is equipped with bedclothes including linen sheets, linen towels, wifi, electric heating, a combustion toilet, refrigerator and fresh water for drinking and personal care during the next night and day. We transport the water to the house before each visit and it is quite enough for normal consumption but not, however, for shower, bath or overabundance. But don´t worry – after your checking out you will be welcomed for entrance to the excellent spa department at Orbaden Spa & Resort.

Food and beverage

Would you like something to eat during the evening? Let us know at least two days in advance and ocal delicacies as a light supper in a cooler delivered to the house at uour arrival. The price is SEK 395 per personl. If you let us know in advance, we can also provide local beer, wine and/or sparkling wine in the Loft House.

At Orbaden Spa & Resort you will find an excellent restaurant for lunch or dinner in connection to your stay at Bergaliv. Book a table at info@orbaden.se or phone +46 278-62 15 00. If you have booked a package with hiking and combined stay in the Loft House and the Spa Hotel, a three-course dinner is included. Read more here


As soon as you have returned the key at the reception, you are welcome to the spa department. There you will find swimming pool, sauna, mineral salt bath and outdoor pools. Fruit and flavoured water are on the tables and you can borrow towel, bathrobe and slippers. If you would like a spa treatment, for example massage, facial treatment or body wraps we recommend you to book it in advance at info@orbaden.se or +46 278-62 15 00.